• Is everyone in my neighborhood eligible to join?

      Purchasing a home in Church Hill East HOA automatically joins you to the HOA. The origins of the HOA stem from the agreements between the developer and the City of Sauk Rapids. All home owners are legally bound to the CCNR's. 

    • Can I park my RV/Trailer/Toys in my driveway?

      Parking of recreation vehicles or trailers in the driveway for more than 24 hours is not permitted. Parking of these items on the street are not permitted by the City of Sauk Rapids for more than 72 hours. If you are in need of more than 24 hours in your driveway or have questions about the policy please reach out to the board.

    • What does Homeowners Association do?

      The HOA enforces the rules and covenants set forth by developer, maintains the walking path and park, organizes community events for home owners, maintains mailboxes and locks, approves building and landscape requests. 

    • Am I responsible for snow removal on the sidewalk?

      Yes, per city ordinance you have 24 hours after the snow fall to remove snow. This includes sidewalks that are in front of your house or on the side of your property. Failure to remove snow will end in a fine from the city for the cost of the snow removal. 

    • Do you only deal with issues within the HOA?

      In conjunction with the City of Sauk Rapids we enforce the rules of the HOA. City ordinances are enforced by the City and Sauk Rapids Police department. More City of Sauk Rapids information can be found here.

    • Can I leave my trash cans out overnight?

      Trash cans can be left out overnight on Monday evening and must be taken in by Tuesday evening. Trash cans are not permitted to be stored outside if they are visible from the street. 

    • Can I participate in your activities?

      Home owners and families of the community are encouraged to participate in the HOA organized activities. This gives neighbors the opportunity to get to know your neighbors and community.

    • What is the speed limit within the HOA?

      The city of Sauk Rapids has a city wide limit of 30 mph in residential areas. With that, please be mindful of the families that live and play in the neighborhood. In addition the park in the HOA is a city park and generates a lot of foot traffic.